Frank's network (AS211042)


AS211042 is a network operated by Frank Chang for educational purpose.


  • 2021/07/15 Start announcing two IPv6 prefixes to our secondary upstream provider AS34927
  • 2021/07/14 Start announcing two IPv6 prefixes to our upstream provider AS20473
  • 2021/07/13 AS211042 allocated from RIPE NCC, along with an IPv6 /48 PI address space: 2001:678:fb8::/48
  • 2021/07/13 An IPv6 /44 PA address space allocated from SecureBit: 2a0e:b107:14c0::/44

Peering Policy

  • Peering contact must be available on PeeringDB or disclosed somewhere else publicly
  • Peering in all common locations is preferred
  • Support AS-SET filter
  • No SLAs
  • Only send traffic destined for the prefixes announced by AS211042
  • Other typical rules apply.


  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Frankfurt, Germany
    • IXPs
      • EVIX (WIP)
      • KleyRex
      • LocIX
  • Los Angeles, United States


  • 2001:678:fb8::/48
  • 2a0e:b107:14c0::/44



For peering request, please drop an E-mail to peering <at>
For networking issues, please drop an E-mail to noc <at>